71 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Иванов Денис c0a552a1cf Fixed force parameter. Added new worker ipc, some pydantic response and requests schemas and server api description. 3 months ago
  Денис Иванов 91690f73e2 Added authentification using access tokens. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 49a571d26c Added 'dconf' format. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 327d0ae56a Added format 'world'. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис e59a4511d6 Added backgrounds format. fixed #75 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис c59f6033c9 Package search was improved. fixed #74 6 months ago
  root 1ee3326431 Adding newline character in raw format was fixed. 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис aed9be1eee Error with saving of the CONTENTS files is fixed. 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис 9d26db03f0 Changed order of saving changed CONTENTS files. 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис 1afbff8b1c JSON format was corrected for python 3.9 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис ea8077088a Improved parser of the CONTENTS files. fixed #35 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис 8140c9a84b Fixed the bug in the algorithm for checking symbolic links. fixed #67 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис e52562d42d Now 'merge' parameter can contain packages that does not exist is db/pkg. fixed #61 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис 74e9ef8b9f Warning messages while processing packages from 'merge' parameters was 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис fd22b6062a Fixed creation of the group variables 7 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил d2723105fb Добавлены различные переменные 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис 79ee3146e7 Fixed some typing errors. 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис 5b76fdfcd9 Extended syntax for the package parameter is available now. fixed #28 7 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 1f0cd60a37 Добавлены переменные install.os.audio.available, install.os.audio.selected 8 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 933ab35b1c Добавлен модуль для обработки изображений utils.images 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис 2fad797d86 Symlink error is fixed #30 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис b844378505 Fixed check for the presense of a file in the CONTENTS file. 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис 103315f32d Variables representation is fixed #25 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис e00423b52b Links creation is fixed #18 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис fa3c023c0d Server is partly implemented. 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис f42ebc0075 Changed files list are added for the template executor. fixed #9 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис a60cc5dcb1 Created a common interface for creating and executing executable templates. fixed #7 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 5d0862de1a Added collision resolution for packages with the same names and categories, but with different versions and slots. fixed #6 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 44fcfc72f6 Now versions can be checked using range of versions. Different suffixes and revisions syntax is available now for single version values and versions in ATOM-names. fixed #4 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис ae7f6f620d Group parameter and its handling logic is added. fixed #3 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 998a495669 contents format is executable now. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис a36aa05bae Implemented commands and scripts modules and parameter's container too. 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис 8f02dcd5e5 Errors processing is almost done for the datavars module. 11 months ago
  Иванов Денис 2e5946ed6e Added main Datavars module and its functionality is almost implemented. 11 months ago
  Иванов Денис 632b88b79f The datavars loader is done. The ini datavars loader is basically implemented. 11 months ago
  Иванов Денис a5b710666d Support of a tables creation and modification is added in the NamespaceIniFiller. Creation the variables and namespaces using calculate.ini is available only in the custom section now. 11 months ago
  Иванов Денис f8f1bad832 The Namespace filler class is not inherited from the CalculateIni class. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис f879ea0ae2 Some changes of the code design of the variables properies and some comments are added. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис f66b89f6b0 The code of the NamespaceIniFiller and the CalculateIniParser is refactored. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис 5644d8e2c2 A number of corrections have been made to the design of the vars code. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис a60ce2317a The directory processor is fully tested. The method for the running an execution of the exec files in the directory processor is implemented. The package processing is improved. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис dfe145725b Tested processing by directory processor of templates with different package parameters and with merge parameters. The refactoring of the directory processor is started. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис 73de9343b8 Tested processing by the directories processor of the action and autoupdate parameters and joining templates with files with user changes. 1 year ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 926ce064b1 Добавлены наработки по переменным 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис f70b7ee0e5 Tested working of the directories processor for templates which files belongs to a one package and target files have no user changes. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис c3fb39156f Tested methods for editing of the CONTENTS-file while template executor is working. Testing of the directory processor is started. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис d62f5d6efe Tested method for running exec files. Testing of the changing of packages using the template executor is started. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис 322685ae1c TemplateExecutor methods for mode and owner information is tested and improved. Testing methods for working with a filesystem is started. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис e9389bb79e chown and chmod methods for files and directories are tested. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис 89b2350113 Methods for working with CONTENTS throught a TemplateWrapper object is tested. The CalculateConfigFile class is tested. Testing of a TemplateExecutor methods is started. 1 year ago