27 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Иванов Денис c0a552a1cf Fixed force parameter. Added new worker ipc, some pydantic response and requests schemas and server api description. 1 week ago
  Иванов Денис cdd626823a Generation of the calculate.ini files was fixed #71 3 months ago
  Иванов Денис 76a49228f0 Added ability to use class methods as variable depend function. fixed #54 3 months ago
  Иванов Денис 8140c9a84b Fixed the bug in the algorithm for checking symbolic links. fixed #67 3 months ago
  Иванов Денис bfd822e3d4 Fixed imports from the variables modules. 4 months ago
  Иванов Денис fd22b6062a Fixed creation of the group variables 4 months ago
  Иванов Денис 18df9f853a Fixed importing of the variables modules. fixed #52 4 months ago
  Иванов Денис 6f932eab2f Table variables now returns empty dictionaries for unexisting row. fixed #55 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 9e885e3045 Fixed importing of variables modules. Now relative imports is available. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис dbf841c689 Using of the import_variables function in the variables files is 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис a852377198 Dependencies comparing was fixed #48 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 1777f224b5 Now 'name' variables can be added to namespaces. fixed #53 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 865ac532d1 Ini template loader is fixed. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 7f1c023a99 Variables now can be saved in calculate.ini files using 'save' tag. fixed #41 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 649f1b1b61 Переменные system.env_order и system.env_path перенесены в main.cl 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 22663d464b Unexisting variables from custom namespaces return None value now. fixed #19 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис fa3c023c0d Server is partly implemented. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 44c3ff8f9f Now scripts namespace is inherited by templates as their env parameter. fixed #13 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис 778f665561 Server development is started. Ability to run templates using scripts is added. fixed #14 6 months ago
  Иванов Денис 6561bb2c00 'handler' and 'notify' parameters are added. 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис 3276a63859 All work on multible package templates is removed. 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис a36aa05bae Implemented commands and scripts modules and parameter's container too. 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис 8f02dcd5e5 Errors processing is almost done for the datavars module. 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис a2ce6f87f7 Now save tag can save variables to the calculate.ini files. Tested adding to calculate ini file of hash and simple variables. Developing of the errors processing is started. 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис 970f19cd3b Save method is tested for += and -= operations. Saving variables in the custom calculate.ini file is almost done. 8 months ago
  Denis Ivanov 1116c28e36 Tested the template engine using Datavars object and save tag in the templates too. 8 months ago
  Иванов Денис 2e5946ed6e Added main Datavars module and its functionality is almost implemented. 8 months ago