49 Commits (master)

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  Иванов Денис c0a552a1cf Fixed force parameter. Added new worker ipc, some pydantic response and requests schemas and server api description. 2 weeks ago
  Иванов Денис e59a4511d6 Added backgrounds format. fixed #75 3 months ago
  Иванов Денис d130e476aa Corrected format templates. fixed #20 3 months ago
  Иванов Денис 76a49228f0 Added ability to use class methods as variable depend function. fixed #54 3 months ago
  Иванов Денис bfd822e3d4 Fixed imports from the variables modules. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис fd22b6062a Fixed creation of the group variables 5 months ago
  icerider 22fc3d3cd4 Исправлено название группы пакетов 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 18df9f853a Fixed importing of the variables modules. fixed #52 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 6f932eab2f Table variables now returns empty dictionaries for unexisting row. fixed #55 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил d2723105fb Добавлены различные переменные 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 9e885e3045 Fixed importing of variables modules. Now relative imports is available. 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис dbf841c689 Using of the import_variables function in the variables files is 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис a852377198 Dependencies comparing was fixed #48 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил cb911aa803 Fix vars import 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 3ed36c49ff Исправлены переменные install.os.audio.available, install.os.audio.selected 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 1f0cd60a37 Добавлены переменные install.os.audio.available, install.os.audio.selected 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 9842b85723 Добавлены переменные 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 3f5ff16e67 Added main.cl.current_template variable fixed #29 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 6a27337899 Добавлены переменные 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил efe92c035b main.cl.system.env_order - writeable 5 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 649f1b1b61 Переменные system.env_order и system.env_path перенесены в main.cl 5 months ago
  root 2e1f666adf Добавлены переменные: 5 months ago
  Иванов Денис 998a495669 contents format is executable now. 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис a36aa05bae Implemented commands and scripts modules and parameter's container too. 7 months ago
  Иванов Денис a2ce6f87f7 Now save tag can save variables to the calculate.ini files. Tested adding to calculate ini file of hash and simple variables. Developing of the errors processing is started. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 2e5946ed6e Added main Datavars module and its functionality is almost implemented. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 632b88b79f The datavars loader is done. The ini datavars loader is basically implemented. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 6bfd4c046b Added the new VariablesLoader for new version of the variables API. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис a5b710666d Support of a tables creation and modification is added in the NamespaceIniFiller. Creation the variables and namespaces using calculate.ini is available only in the custom section now. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 8f646d38b3 The NamespaceIniFiller implementation is almost done for the new version of variables. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 224b646793 Tables, hash and dynamic subscriptions is fully tested. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 91d3f4f3cb Implemented dynamic subscribing for variables of the table and hash types. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 0a5776ff85 Hashs and table interfaces varables types are added, dynamic dependencies creation is available now. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 4c775e76d7 Hash type and a number of other types was implemented. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 88554c3295 Implemented two versions of the Hash variables and some remarks for the finding variables was made. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис d7048baecd Works with errors. Some changes to the dependencies and interface architecture and errors processing. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис c8517ec59c Changed variables interface, now variables can be intialized using absolute or relative variables names. Some variables types are done. 9 months ago
  Иванов Денис 471f957daa Tested variables invalidation and creation of the depended variables. Added check of the cycles while calculating variables. 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис 653f5064ff Added variables invalidation, subscription 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис df9e70a0d8 The new version of the datavars module is partly implemented. 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис 6fdcf0744b New version of the calculate ini parser is tested. Development of the new version of the datavars module is started. 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис f8f1bad832 The Namespace filler class is not inherited from the CalculateIni class. 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис f879ea0ae2 Some changes of the code design of the variables properies and some comments are added. 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис f66b89f6b0 The code of the NamespaceIniFiller and the CalculateIniParser is refactored. 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис 5644d8e2c2 A number of corrections have been made to the design of the vars code. 10 months ago
  Хирецкий Михаил 926ce064b1 Добавлены наработки по переменным 10 months ago
  Иванов Денис fcf41bcf8a Some utils and template processing modules is added. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис 19cad172fa Template processing modules and some utils is added. 1 year ago
  Иванов Денис e82bd4cd4d Methods for initialization of parsers is class methods now. 1 year ago
  Хирецкий Михаил fce2667231 Added formats 1 year ago