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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE catmetadata SYSTEM "">
<longdescription lang="en">
The app-benchmarks category contains benchmarking software.
<longdescription lang="es">
La categoría app-benchmarks contiene programas para pruebas.
<longdescription lang="de">
Die Kategorie app-benchmarks enthält Benchmark-Software.
<longdescription lang="ja">
<longdescription lang="nl">
De app-benchmarks categorie bevat benchmarking applicaties.
<longdescription lang="vi">
Nhóm app-benchmarks chứa các ứng dụng benchmark.
<longdescription lang="it">
La categoria app-benchmarks contiene programmi per l'analisi delle prestazioni.
<longdescription lang="pt">
A categoria app-benchmarks contém programas para benchmarking.
<longdescription lang="pl">
Kategoria app-benchmarks zawiera oprogramowanie służące do testowania