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Emacs Muse is an authoring and publishing environment for Emacs.
It simplifies the process of writing documents and publishing them
to various output formats.
Muse consists of two main parts: an enhanced text-mode for authoring
documents and navigating within Muse projects, and a set of
publishing styles for generating different kinds of output.
This idea is not in any way new. Numerous systems exist - even one
other for Emacs itself (Bhl Mode). What Muse adds to the picture is
a more modular environment, with a rather simple core, in which
"styles" are derived from to create new styles. Much of Muse's
overall functionality is optional. For example, you can use the
publisher without the major-mode, or the mode without doing any
publishing; or if you don't load the Texinfo or LaTeX modules, those
styles won't be available.
The Muse codebase is a departure from emacs-wiki.el version 2.44.
The code has been restructured and rewritten, especially its
publishing functions. The focus in this revision is on the authoring
and publishing aspects, and the "wikiness" has been removed as a
default behavior (available as the optional module muse-wiki.el).
CamelCase words are no longer special by default.
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