ERL in corp app for fortage
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This is an Erlang web application using the Nitrogen Web Framework.


You can rebuild the project by typing:


If this fails, it likely means that its a slim release and Erlang is not installed on this machine. Please install Erlang.


You can start the application with:

bin/nitrogen start

which will start it in daemon mode. You can attach to this started daemon with:

bin/nitrogen attach

If you’d rather have an Erlang console right away, rather than starting a daemon, type:

bin/nitrogen console


The rebar.config file controls dependencies and build parameters using the popular rebar tool.

The plugins.config file controls how Nitrogen plugins are handled.

The files in the etc directory control application configuration, including ports, webserver set up, and the like. Please see the files there for configuration options, or view the Nitrogen documentation.


Dependency libraries (once being built) end up in the lib directory.

Source code can be found in site/src

Template code is in site/templates

Compiled Erlang modules (ebin files) go in site/ebin

Live code reloading

By default Nitrogen comes with an application called sync which provides automatic code reloading when the related .erl file or .ebin file is updated. To use this, run the following on the Erlang shell: