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Alexander Tratsevskiy 1c0ca010e1
Обновлены маски
2 months ago
acct-group acct-group/*, acct-user/*: improvements 1 year ago
acct-user acct-group/*, acct-user/*: improvements 1 year ago
app-crypt (some packages) qoutes improvements 1 year ago
app-misc app-misc/mnemosyne: new package, add 2.9 9 months ago
app-text/wgetpaste fix default 4 months ago
dev-python/sjcl virtual/editor, dev-python/sjcl small fixes 6 months ago
dev-util/eclipse-sdk-bin dev-util/eclipse-sdk-bin: version bump 6 months ago
eclass calculate-utils-r17.eclass: удалена устаревшая зависимость 6 months ago
games-util/steam-launcher steam-launcher/steam-launcher: fix license again 4 months ago
gnome-extra/yad [safe] pkgcheck PkgMetadataXmlIndentation 1 year ago
licenses licenses: fix Viber license 1 year ago
media-fonts/xo-fonts media-fonts/xo-fonts: remake for arch with version 6 months ago
media-gfx media-gfx/lxdm-themes-calculate: remove ~9-years old dependency (OutdatedBlocker) 9 months ago
media-libs/libjpeg8 media-libs/libjpeg8: clean some extremally unneeded things 4 months ago
metadata Обновлены настройки оверлея 10 years ago
net-dns/bind Fix metadata 9 months ago
net-im Перенесен net-im/rocketchat-desktop-bin, удалена привязка к dev-libs/libayatana-appindicator 3 months ago
net-p2p/opentracker net-p2p/torrserver-bin: remove 9 months ago
net-print добавлена ревизия пакета rastertospl 3 months ago
net-vpn/networkmanager-wireguard [safe] pkgcheck PkgMetadataXmlIndentation 1 year ago
net-wireless Обновлены маски 3 months ago
profiles Обновлены маски 2 months ago
scripts Незначительные правки 1 year ago
sys-apps TG-466 3 months ago
sys-auth */*: update HOMEPAGE: use HTTPS in https://* 1 year ago
sys-boot Merge pull request '*/*: update HOMEPAGE: use HTTPS in https://*' (#23) from kuraga/calculate-overlay:https into develop 1 year ago
sys-firmware/eth-firmware sys-firmware/eth-firmware: update EAPI 6 -> 8 1 year ago
sys-kernel sys-kernel/calculate-sources: Stabilize 6.6.6 2 months ago
virtual revert busybox 5 months ago
www-plugins TG-434 www-plugins/chrome-bitwarden: fix 4 months ago
x11-themes x11-themes/elementary-icon-theme: add 7.3.1 7 months ago