Gentoo overlay or different programms
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Merge pull request 'media-sound/qxgedit: up to 0.9.90' (#12) from qxge into main
2 months ago
app-i18n/weblate-cli app-i18n/weblate-cli: up to 1.14, up python 11/12 4 months ago
dev-lang/regina-rexx dev-lang/regina-rexx: get dropped from mainline 1 year ago
dev-libs/ucommon dev-libs/ucommon: up EAPI to 8 1 year ago
mail-client/claws-mail Fix html.c 1 year ago
media-sound/qxgedit media-sound/qxgedit: up to 0.9.90 2 months ago
metadata Fixed reponame in metadata 4 years ago
net-libs pkgcheck scan and fix 1 year ago
net-print/cndrvcups-capt net-print/cndrvcups-capt: old Canon printers add 7 months ago
net-voip/twinkle files/twinkle: fixes 1 year ago
profiles fix repo_name 1 year ago
.gitignore remove dev-cpp/commoncpp2 deps 1 year ago
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Gentoo overlay for different programs. Create issue when you need add apps, or if you found a bug. Pull requests are welcome. Best ebuilds for best and most useful apps will move in main tree.


  • twinkle
  • Weblate client (CLI)
  • zrtp for twinkle
  • fheroes2 game engine
  • Regina-REXX add dropped and up version


  • Weblate server
  • Weblate CLI testing
  • torrentpier
  • pvpgn (maybe move to game overlay)
  • veyon
  • gitprep
  • kamailio

How to use:

  1. Make sure you have installed package app-eselect/eselect-repository;
  2. Add custom repository: eselect repository add redhub-common git
  3. Sync and update eix cache. Gentoo users may do eix-sync && eix-update, Calculate Linux users must do emerge --sync && eix-update.
  4. Check result by run eix twinkle, your must see twinkle package and redhub-stuff overlay.